Flower Rental For Businesses in Wollongong

Looking for a company that provides flower rental for businesses?

SilkSense Wollongong has a unique and exciting service to offer, backed by over 15 years experience in the flower rental for businesses industry. Keep reading to find out more.

There are so many reasons why every business owner in Wollongong and the Illawarra Region should consider business flower rental. To list a few,

  • Flowers have been proven to boost creativity, increase motivation and reduce stress in the workplace.
  • Flowers make your whole business environment more attractive and promote an overall sense of wellness.
  • Your customers will spend more time in an attractive environment, thus increasing your sales opportunities
  • Beautiful flowers create talking points between employees and customers, strengthening their relationship.

In summary, flower rental for businesses will benefit your bottom line!

Now that the benefits are clear, look at a few bespoke floral designs SilkSense Wollongong has to offer,

Magnolia floral arrangement in wedding venuePink and red floral arrangement on resturant tableBlue, pink and purple hydrangeas in hotel lobby

What does the service of business flower rental cost?

Fortunately, silk flower rental is an extremely cost-effective way of brightening up any space, costing only a quarter of monthly fresh flower maintenance. Free delivery and a new floral design every month,

  • Fragrance Range
  • Medium Range
  • Large Range

If we still have your attention and you like the idea, follow this link or contact us below for a free trial.

View a sample range of our artificial flower arrangements here